Our Guides

Myron Kibler

I’m Myron Kibler, your outfitter and guide. I was born and raised in ranching so hunting and fishing have always been a part of my life.

In 1983 I became a licensed outfitter, expanding our ranching operation to include sharing our game with other avid hunters. Through the years we have found the perfect mesh between hunter numbers and animals which keeps our game great and our hunters enjoying fantastic hunting as well as a relaxed atmosphere in camp. We enjoy a 90% return rate of guests and consider a returning guest the best compliment we can receive.


Fishing is a pastime of youth that carried over into my adult years. In the early years it was fishing from river banks or on stocked reservoirs. In 1993, I expanded to include charter fishing on Fort Peck Reservoir. We spend May – July at Hell Creek, where we operate our charter services on Fort Peck Reservoir. I enjoy the challenge of fishing and the comraderie of my guests. My boat is a 2008 Warrior, 20′ long, equipped to give us the best possible opportunities and comfort while fishing.

I design my own jigs which I hand mold and paint. They sport a strong red sickle hook, a two-toned body of white topped with a metallic automotive paint color, prism eye and clear top coat enhanced with glitter. They are by far the brightest jig you will ever fish with and the proof is in the catching!

I would enjoy spending time with you whether it be during hunting season or summer fishing. I also recommend any of our guides to take you to fantastic fishing, trophy game animals, and to show you a great time as well.


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Mary Beth Kibler

I’m Mary Beth, Myron’s wife, camp cook, marketing director and fishing guide.

I grew up on a ranch out of Miles City, so a lot of what we do is an extention from that basis. We have two children, Misty & Rick and their spouses Jason and Melissa are very special to us. We enjoy time spent with our grandkids, Rebe, Raelyn and Eric.

Gladies northern

When you call to plan your hunting or fishing trip, I am most likely the voice that will share information and help you make your plans and reservations. I am also your cook during your stay while hunting with us and I enjoy preparing meals for you, welcoming you and making you feel at home with us!

Everything we do in life is a preparation for where we are now. I began guiding fishermen in 2000, and enjoy sharing the joys of the experience with others. Nothing is as rewarding as taking a group of ladies who are just getting into fishing, and making it exciting for them! While catching fish is our misson, having a lot of fun is most important to have a successful day on the water.

I like to sew and cook, but I love to fish and am a new enthusiast of shooting. Come join us and spend time making some special memories.


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Vern Gagnon

I’m Vern. Although I currently reside in Billings Montana, my roots are deep in the gumbo soil of the Missouri breaks.

For much of the year my employer is Montana State University at Billings. Part of my role as an educator is to improve my fishing client’s success during the trip by teaching the techniques and strategies that will improve your skills for a lifetime. I have often found that the little things make such a big difference when pursuing the ever elusive walleye – my preferred target species.

vern06I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to fish walleye waters in many of the Midwest states; including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana as well as Canadian waters. My experiences have allowed me to become a better angler, and have deepened my love for Fort Peck. Not only will your trip include experiencing the variety of fishing opportunities on Fort Peck, you will also experience the vastness of the Missouri breaks and surrounding countryside. I have a deep history with the area allowing me to share with you geographic and geological information about the reservoir and surrounding area. In addition to the day of fishing my knowledge and background of the dam history and construction often result in very interesting discussions.

I feel that one of the keys to success during the day on the water is a result of a continual effort to do the little things better. You may have heard of finding a good spot to fish. I often look for the spot on the good spot. That spot where the fish are keying in on something. It may be as subtle as a patch of vegetation and as small as half of the boat. It is very common for guests who choose a three day fishing trip to see a trophy one of those three days.

Of all the possible presentation methods, my preferred method of fishing – and catching – is the use of a leadhead jig and live bait. Experience has taught me a few key things to improve the success of hooking and landing fish during the day. Those small things can mean the difference from only a couple of fish at the end of the day, rather than a limit. As the summer months warm the waters of Fort Peck the fish tend to relate less to typical structure and become more scattered. As a result I will generally alter my presentation method to one that can more effectively cover a large area of water. This method is most often some trolling method utilizing a wire/lead bottom bouncer rig, and custom designed bait rig.

Whether the fish and weather cooperate or not, you can be assured that your day on the water will be an enjoyable one. I always have said that the best time to go fishing is any time that you can.

See you on the water!


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Brian Albrecht

Greetings from North Central Montana!

I’m Brian Albrecht and I’ve been guiding for Kibler Outfitting forever. I am a native Montanan and spent much of my youth fishing on Fort Peck Reservoir. I am an avid outdoorsman and when I’m not on the water fishing for Northern and Walleyes or whatever is biting you will find me in a goose blind or tracking big game.

I participate in the Montana Walleye circuit and have multiple rankings from these tournaments along with several championships. I live in Havre with my daughter Olivia and she loves to spend many hours on the boat fishing and enjoying Montana’s great outdoors with me.

I enjoy taking clients out for a great fishing adventure and there’s nothing better than when we hook the big one! Step aboard my 620 ranger, the prettiest boat on Fort Peck for a summer of fishing and fun as I guide you around Fort Peck Reservoir.



Steve Downs

I have hunted big game in Montana since the age of 12. I moved to Jordan in August 1998. My wife Nicole and I were married in 1999. We have two children, Nathan and Melissa.

I am an avid rifle hunter, bow hunter, and will use a pistol on occasion. I am currently employed by the Montana Highway Patrol and stationed in Jordan. I have been involved with the local 4-H shooting sports program since 2000. I have been a volunteer hunter education instructor since 1988.

In 2007, I opened my own gun shop and started guiding on a part time basis. Currently I am guiding for two different outfitters in Garfield County. My guiding career began because I got to “tag-a-long” on someone else’s guided archery antelope hunt. Turned out I was more of a help than a hinderance that day.

I put big game animals into three different categories:

Dinks – too small let them grow up

Shooters – it is a respectable animal worthy of shooting

Give me your gun – I’ll shoot him if you don’t!!



John O’Connor

Greetings -I was raised on a ranch in the Sand Springs area. We raised sheep and hunted predators out of necessity, and game animals for the meat, and both for the fun. I was previously in Law Enforcement and am now in the process of leasing my parents farm in the Brusett, MT area.

I started guiding for Kibler Outfitting in 2009 and have two years previous experience with other outfitters. I am diligent in my efforts to provide you with a positive hunting experience. You can count on me being honest with you, and I appreciate you being honest with me.


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Rich Gomberg

Hi Folks! I am Rich Gomberg, and I began hunting the Jordan, Montana area some 20 odd years ago as a client of another outfitter, then I guided for that outfit for 15 years. I consider Jordan my second home. I joined the Kibler team three years ago and feel quite at home there, too.

Melville, New York is home, where I am a Home Improvement Contractor and Pyrotechnician (fireworks tech). Being an independent business owner allows me to come to Montana during the hunting season to pursue my first love, hunting. There is nothing more challenging and rewarding than pursuing elk and, yes, antelope with archery equipment. Archery hunts are my specialty, but I enjoy matching wits with all critters and putting you in position to take that trophy of a lifetime, during rifle season as well. I consider myself to be truly blessed to take something I am so passionate about and turn it into a career. I get to share some of the most amazing outdoor experiences with other hunters. I will give you my best and expect my clients to do the same in return. It makes for some fantastic success, memories and great laughs throughout the week we spend together.

When called upon to pitch in as camp cook, I make a mean pot of chili and add a culinary flavor that differs from most Montana fare. Going the extra mile for my outfitter and clients provides a special bond. I hope to spend time with you hunting with Kibler Outfitting soon.