The deadline to apply for your non-resident general big game, deer or elk combination license is fast approaching!  You will also need to apply for area 700-20 (either sex rifle permit 250 total, 10% allocated for nonresidents hunters) or 700-21 (archery elk permit ~ 705 licenses available with 10% available for non-residents.  Residents need to apply for these permitted areas now also.  If you are having trouble understanding the licensing process and how Preference points and Bonus points work, I’ll do my best to explain it to you and help you through the application process.  We don’t book our Elk hunts until you have your permit in hand, which is May.

Here are the license fees for Non-Resident hunters:

2018 Non-Resident license Prices

NR Big Game Combination            $1041.00

NR Elk Combination                        $ 885.00

NR Deer Combination                    $  625.00

Elk permits: $9
Archery stamp for bow hunters: $10
bonus points for species (area drawings) is $20

If you purchased a preference point ($50) in 2017 and buy one in 2018 you will get the combination license you apply for, because the max anyone can have is 2 as last year is the first year these license oversold.