I just visited with Clint at Hell Creek Marina to get a current report. Today, January 21st there is 7″ – 9 1/2″ of ice at the head of the bay out to Lucky Point. On out to Peterson Point there is 5″ – 7″ of ice, the main lake west to Snow Creek has 5″, East to Sutherland about 4″. The ice thins out quickly as you go East from Sutherland and the G Marker.

Earlier, fishermen were catching Northern pike in the 14′ range, they are now doing very well in 18′ – 24′ ranges. They’re picking up a few lake trout but the walleye fishing is still pretty slow. Contact Hell Creek Marina directly 406-557-2345 for more current reports.

We are filling in our summer schedules for our guides now. If you need to coordinate lodging, we need to act now. Our June is getting quite full, but we still have some openings. May and July we can still work in larger groups. Call to set up your fishing dates with us at 406-557-2503 or email us at kibler@midrivers.com. I’ll be glad to call you back if you’ll provide your phone number. Mary Beth