I spoke with FWP and learned that we can start applying for licenses February 12…that is a week earlier than they projected earlier.

Big Game combo. (deer, elk, fishing, conservation):  1041.00 ( this one is necessary to apply for bull elk, rifle and deer, and you can request a refund on the elk portion of this license.  They keep 20% of that elk license if you choose that option)
Elk combination $885.00 (for those who want to apply for elk only, same as above applies if you don’t get the either sex permit for our area, either archery or rifle.)
Deer Combination:  625.00  Good anywhere in the state..you get it you’re hunting.
Elk permits: $9
Archery stamp for bow hunters: $10
bonus points for species (area drawings) is $20

If you purchased a preference point ($50) in 2017 and buy one in 2018 you will get the combination license you apply for, because the max anyone can have is 2 as last year is the first year these license oversold.

They did add a deer only and elk only to the Youth (15 – 17year old) combination catagory.

Youth big game combination (deer/elk) $533

Youth elk combo $455

Youth Deer combo $325